Our Presenters

The Tas Photo Fest will have some of Australia's leading professional photographers. We are looking to create a Photography event in Tasmania to bring our community together, to share knowledge and explore this beautiful part of Australia. 

If you think you would like to be part of the presenters team, please send us an email expressing your interest to and tell us the genre of photography you can teach and a link to your website and related social channels. 

If you have any suggestions on who we should invite to Present please let us know on the above email. 

Currently Photographers on-board for Tas Photo Fest 

Cam Blake - Landscape & Organiser

Cam will be conducting a variety of workshops over the weekend. Starting with Sunrise and Sunset shots from Cradle Mountain National Park. Cam will be hands on with his workshops and give you all the tools and tricks to ensure you get some amazing images from this incredible region. Come rain or sky, Cam will be out in the weather capturing the incredible scenes that Tasmania has to offer. 

Cam will also be showcasing his works in a 1hr presentations across the weekend. 


Flick & Dave Richardson - Weddings & Organiser

Flick will be taking you on an adventure like no other to create some beautiful "adventure portraits" from around the region. Learn how to set up your model, compose and capture them in the beautiful background settings of Sheffield and surrounds.

Flick will also be chatting to everyone during her presentation on how she has become one of Tasmania's most successful wedding/portrait photographer.  


Mr Ed Jones - Weddings/Portraits 

Ed is arguably Tasmania's finest wedding photographer and this is proven by the countless awards he has received. Ed was also crowned the Tasmanian Wedding Photographer of the Year in recent years and continues to strive for excellence in shooting and capture those special moments.

Ed will be conducting multiple wedding workshops where you will learn all the tricks and tips directly from Ed. Ed will demonstrate how to pose bridal parties, how to light them creatively and how to photograph them so beautifully. 

Ed will also be holding presentations over the weekend displaying his work and passion. 


Glynn Lavender - Portraits/Lighting

The Man, The Legend.

Glynn has been photographing people long before many of us were even picking up our first camera. Glynn has a passion and energy unlike any other who will show you how to create stunning portraitures within stunning locations. Try and keep up as Glynn and his ball of energy produce what will be one of the funniest and more creative workshops across the weekend. No pressure Glynn! 

Glynn will also present in the main Marquee his world travels and how he goes about photographing people all over the world. 


Adam (I'm growing my beard) Dyson - Waterfalls/Astro

Should really be called Adam TLC as he loves chasing waterfalls. Over the weekend Adam will show you the way to capturing stunning waterfalls amongst the incredible Tasmanian countryside. Adam is a brilliant photographer and covers many genres. We will look to get Adam and his group out for some Milky Way goodness over the course of the weekend. Shoot for the stars...

In the main marquee, Adam will chat about his passion for photography and how he prepares himself for each adventure. 


Steve Lovegrove - Film, historic and alternative photographic processes

A master of photography, Steve will leave no stone unturned as he showcases his amazing skill in alternative processing and film photography. You will be lost for words when you see how Steve sets up his artwork and what he produces as an end result. 

Steve will be conducting multiple workshops over the weekend covers all type of historic, film and alternative way to enjoy your photography. He might also do some ad hoc street walks around Sheffield with camera in hand. Be sure not to miss out on these. 

Steve will also present in the main marquee showcasing his incredible life long work within photography. A presentation that will demonstrate just why he is the Master. 


Karl Ludik - Olympus Australia - Food & Macro

Mr Olympus himself, Karl from Olympus Australia will be at the Festival with cameras in-hand. 

Karl can cover pretty much any form of photography but will be focusing himself of Light Painting/Astro and Macro workshops. Karls passion and knowledge of photography is so easy to digest and these workshops will be a great way to improve your eye and skills as a photographer. 

Karl will also conduct a presentation in the main marquee helping you improve your composition and design elements of your photography. A great informative session no doubt. 


Matt Palmer - AIPP Australian Photographer of Year 2019

The current AIPP Photographer of the Year, Matt will be joining us in Sheffield to demonstrate and teach you how to capture stunning landscape and location images. 

Matt will be conducting talks in the main marquee on his recent projects, as well as giving an insight into ways of creating unique imagery and photography with a message that can make a difference in your local communities.


Jacqui Bevan - Tasmanian Wedding Photographer

Jacqui is someone who's passion just shines through when you discuss photography and her work. Jacqui has been shooting weddings for many years and knows everything there is to get the best out of your portrait and wedding photography. 

Jacqui will be running multiple workshops over the weekend demonstrating and teaching you how create stunning images in even more stunning locations. 


Simon Sturzaker - News and Sports Photographer

Simon has been shooting for the local Advocate Newspaper for a couple of years now and creates some incredible images from all walks of photography. Whether it be sports, action or photo-journalism, Simon will be showing just how to capture that moment of excitement. We'll be setting up Simon around the region to capture all types of photography. Weather it be shooting fast paced mountain bikers or photographing street life along Sheffield. Simon will bring all his skills to your viewfinder. 

Simon will also be discussing his work as a photo-journalist in the main marquee.


Seng Mah - Venture Photography Workshops and Adventure Level 10 Legend

From all the way in Perth WA, Seng will be joining us here in Tassie. 

Seng conducts many, many workshops every year, all around the globe and will be stopping by here to showcase our amazing region. Seng will be running workshops on studio lighting and getting the best from a controlled environment. 

We might also get Seng to increase his adventure level and head out into the Tasmanian wilderness to capture some landscape/travel images as well. 

In the main marquee Seng will showcase some of the incredible images he has photographed from his travels around the world. 



David Oliver - Nikon Ambassador - Landscape/Portrait Photographer

Nikon ambassador and incredible photographer, David will be joining us here at the Festival as our special guest from Nikon. 

David has photographed everything there is to capture and will bring his wealth in knowledge to the Tas Photo Festival. David will be running workshops on landscape and landscape portraiture in the beautiful Tasmanian countryside. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hang with one of Australia's most experienced photographers.


Suellen Cook - Illustrative genius and the AIPP TAS 2019 Professional Illustrative Photographer of the Year

I am a photographer of the imagination. I like to tell stories through images that mysteriously bubble into my consciousness from deep within my imagination. It is when this sense of curiosity, mystery and imagination combines with the rigour and discipline of creatively blending together multiple photographs into one image, something truly magical happens; reality is reinvented into a single image of my imagination.

Suellen will be at the Tas Photo Fest talking about her work and how she creates her incredible masterpieces. 


Chelsea Bell - Marketing, Tourism Social Media

Chelsea has worked in Tourism, Hospitality and Events over the last 7 years. More recently she has worked in Marketing and Industry Development across regional tourism organisations in Tasmania, to create opportunities for destinations to leverage their backyards. This has led to a series of partnerships with content creators and brands across the country.

Chelsea will be presenting at the festival on social media and travel photography.


Vicki Bell - Melbourne based Portrait and Fine Art Photographer

Vicki Bell is a Melbourne Portrait Photographer, with an extensive career spanning decades. A passionate educator and Aipp Master Photographer II, she is excited to share the stories behind her imaginary and traditional portraits. Vicki will explore the importance of camera craft and ways to exercising your creative minds. Be prepared to laugh and fun.